Terms and conditions

If you are a customer working with us, you need to know what our terms, conditions and tariffs are. We’ve collected all the different paperwork that applies to all areas of the business below for your reference.

You can also view a copy of our port services contract, which includes a schedule of charges.


Portico standard trading conditions apply for all stevedoring services.

Freight Forwarding

BIFA Terms and Conditions apply to all our freight forwarding services.


UKWA Terms and Conditions apply, as incorporated into Portico Terms and Conditions and for all general warehousing. This includes freight forwarding attached to warehousing.

Customs agency 

For work with our customs agency, the Customs short form agreement applies.

Ships Agency

ICS Terms and Conditions apply for all ships agency services.

Transport and haulage

RHA Terms and Conditions apply to all haulage services provided by Portico.