We’re a deep water port with two conventional quays. We have ample capacity on the quayside to store large scale cargo, which can be easily manoeuvred into position for its onward journey – whether that’s back out to sea or on the road.

Albert Johnson Quay (AJQ)

Length: 285m
Maximum size of vessel 230 m
Depth (floating fenders OUT) 8.1 m at MLWS* (for 245 m)
Depth (floating fenders IN) 9.8 m at MLWS* (for 240 m)

Flathouse Quay (FHQ)

Length: 190m
Maximum size of vessel 165 m
Depth 9.1 m at MLWS* (for 170m)

North Quay and Oil Berth

Length of North Quay 70 m
Length of oil berth 50 m
Maximum LOA of vessel 80 m
Maximum beam of vessel 16 m
Depth berth 4.3 m at MLWS
Depth approach channel 3.5 m at MLWS*

*Depths refer to Mean Low Water Spring Tides MLWS. Further details available on request.

We also have the option to use an additional five commercial berths at our sister site, Portsmouth International Port.


We have five Gottwald mobile harbour cranes, these powerhouses flex their muscles up to 125 tonnes. Our expert crane operators can perfectly co-ordinate tandem lifts of a combined weight up to 250 tonnes.

Reefer Plugs

With access to 450 plugs, we have plenty of power available. We’re experts at keeping everything perfectly chilled.


State-of-the-art warehouses, with the ability to store a variety of fresh produce at varying degrees, at the same time.
We know what can and can’t be stored together, due to the delicate storage process required.

Container Park

We have capacity for 1200 containers, safely managed and positioned by our Kalmar reach stackers.


SMS Towage is our dedicated towage provider for commercial ships, they have two tugs available within an hour’s notice. The tugs based at Portsmouth are:



  • 4200 kW combined main engine power.
  • Bollard Pull: 69t
  • LOA: 24.72m
  • Beam: 11.52m
  • Draft: 5.35m
  • Built: 2019, Damen, The Netherlands


  • 3,300 bhp main engines and 1,500 bhp auxillary engines.
  • Bollard Pull: 50t
  • LOA: 24.39m
  • Beam: 9.15m
  • Draft: 4.40m
  • Built: 2012, Sanmar, Turkey