Crane being unloaded

Portico, Portsmouth’s international cargo operator, is one of the few UK ports capable of managing the largest loads, following the arrival of a new 432-tonne mobile harbour crane.

With an ability to provide tandem lifts up to 250-tonnes, constructed in the Netherlands this mobile crane will secure the future for Portico as it offers existing and potential customers greater opportunity to handle large scale goods.

For Portico’s current customer global offshore wind giant MHI Vestas, this new piece of equipment is essential to continuing to manage some of the world’s largest wind blades when they arrive on bigger vessels.

The £3m crane is owned by the council and leased to Portico, securing long term viability of Portsmouth’s international cargo operator.

Steve Williams, Portico operations director said: “Our current and prospective customers are moving to larger vessels, so this continued investment means we’re able to manage expectations well into the future.

“For customers such as MHI Vestas it demonstrates our commitment that we’re prepared to make the necessary investments required to future-proof the business.”

“It also positions Portico as one of the few UK ports that can offer tandem crane lifts up to 250 tonnes, a specialised technique which provides great options for a variety of cargo requirements.

“We’re the first UK port to invest in this latest tandem lift system technology from Konecranes. It demonstrates we are prepared to invest and helps to continue diversifying and provide flexibility for our customers.”