Container handling

With the future trading relationship with the EU still to be shaped, many businesses are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate and future-proof their supply chains. If you are considering doing the same, Portico can help you look at transport differently. We can help you evaluate alternatives that are ‘Brexit ready’, whatever the outcome. This includes possible shortsea container services to Europe.

With a customs agency and a freight forwarding service in-house, we already offer a range of services to help businesses prepare themselves for the future. We’re also working with the Port of Antwerp, one of Europe’s largest and best connected ports, to investigate the possibility of setting up a new shortsea container service from Portsmouth to Antwerp.

Shortsea container services offers British and European shippers and forwarders a reliable transport alternative. It means that each day – also after Brexit – your cargo reaches its final destination just-in-time. Compared to traditional road transport via the Straits of Dover, shortsea is more sustainable and can yield significant cost savings. You also avoid as congestion on the road and long waiting periods .

Want to know if you should take the leap?

Just take the test below. If you answer ‘yes’ to three or more questions, you should definitely switch to shortsea transport.

  • Do you operate a time critical ‘just-in-time’ supply chain?
  • Are you shipping perishable goods or pharmaceuticals?
  • Do you have warehousing and cash flow to build a resilience stock?
  • Are you concerned about the impact of border friction to your supply chain?
  • Will delays in your supply chain affect your ability to meet contractual obligations?

Why use Portico?

Based at Portsmouth International Port, Portico is the port’s international cargo terminal. We are ideally placed at the heart of the south coast next to the major shipping channels, and right next to the UK’s motorway network.

Our location means that long journeys for road freight via the Straits of Dover can be avoided for businesses located all the way from Hampshire to Northamptonshire. Rail freight facilities are available at Fratton station, just over 1 mile away.

The advantage of Antwerp

The port’s 80 km inland location means vessels can load or unload their cargo closer to the largest consumption and production areas in Europe. It’s also ideal for onwards transport to European destinations. Antwerp offers a dense network of roads, railroads and inland waterways with frequent services.

They can move your cargo easily and reliably to overseas destinations, both nearby or far away. As Europe’s second largest port, they have a vast array of regular deepsea and shortsea services for onward distribution.

If you think shortsea could work for your business, please call our experienced team on 023 9289 0600 or email and we will be happy to help.