Customer information

As a busy working port we do have important safety requirements, so whether you’re coming in for a meeting or a contractor working, please take note.

We have two very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful health & safety coordinators who can offer advice and best practice on a wide range of subjects.

On Site

We have an eating area and vending machines with a full complement of welfare facilities, including showers. Two mobile phone and two smoking areas.

PPE requirements

Safety helmet

High visibility clothing

Safety footwear EN ISO 20345 SRC S3

Portico Shipping Limited (“Portico”) is a member (number 51005) of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (“UKWA”). Unless otherwise agreed specifically in writing between Portico and a particular customer, all services are supplied by Portico, and all work is performed by Portico, solely on the basis of the current version of the UKWA Contract Conditions for Logistics (the “UKWA conditions”). The UKWA conditions can be viewed and downloaded here or a copy will be provided upon written request to us.

The following certifications apply to Portico: