Container handling at Portico

As a deep water cargo terminal close to the main shipping channels, Portico is ideally positioned for handling containers from ship to shore and beyond. Our quays can handle vessels up to 230m long, ideally sized for a wide range of feeder sized container ships.

Located within Portsmouth International Port with direct access to the national motorway network, we’re the first choice for customers looking for an efficient and cost-effective container handling and stevedore service.

Our Gottwald mobile harbour cranes can lift up to 125 tonnes, which is increased to 150 tonnes when performing a tandem lift. We also have capacity for 1200 containers, safely managed and positioned by our fleet of Kalmar reach stackers.

SMS Towage, our towage partners, are available to attend ships with as little as two hours notice. This offers an unrivalled level of flexibility for customers who need a quick turnaround. If you need customs agency and freight forwarding services, our experienced in-house teams can take care of you.

Short sea container shipping and handling

We want to open a new short sea container route from Portsmouth to the Port of Antwerp. The route is a fantastic alternative for exporters and a phenomenal addition to UK supply chains in its own right. It avoids existing routes that are congested enough already and complements Portsmouth’s extensive list of existing roll-on, roll-off services to western France and Spain.

The journey from Portsmouth to Antwerp takes just 14 to 16 hours and has a long list of advantages.

For starters, the destination is Antwerp, one of Europe’s major ports. Antwerp offers multi-modal links; containers can be moved on by rail, road or river. The location is terrific. You get your cargo closer to where it’s going.

The speed of container handling at Portico is rapid. We eliminate waiting. Our automatic gates will welcome lorries the moment they arrive. Come in, drop your cargo and leave. All the paperwork can be pre-cleared, so there’s nothing to do on-site. The concept of hauliers sitting in their cabs waiting in queues is eliminated.

Connected to the UK

Portsmouth is convenient for much of the UK. The M275 goes to our door. The A3 goes direct to London and the M3 connects the Midlands. This location means the nightmare of circumnavigating London to get your freight where it needs to go using the M25 is gone. No more “road to hell”.

The service will be able to easily adapt to new trade relationship with the European Union in 2021. Our customs team is highly experienced, with years of dealing with documentation for non-European Union destinations.

Plus, we are an officially Authorised Economic Operator. This means we are approved by HM Revenue & Customs to handle customs paperwork and approve documents ourselves. This saves a lot of time for customers.

Our message to logistics professionals is to take another look at Portsmouth. The service to Antwerp is something the supply chain industry is crying out for. It’s fast, convenient, eco-friendly and ideal for companies looking for an alternative. We are ready. If you are too, get in touch. We’d love to talk.

To learn more about the new Portsmouth to Antwerp route, please contact our commercial team by calling 023 9289 0600, emailing, or by using the form below.