Distressed cargo

Expert distressed cargo handling at Portico

For decades, we’ve been renowned for our expertise in handling bananas and are now recognized as specialists in bulk, breakbulk, fresh produce, containers, and project cargoes. Our commitment extends beyond the routine, as we’ve also developed into a key facility for managing damaged and distressed cargo, offering disposal solutions for a wide range of goods.

Why choose Portico for distressed cargo recovery

Diverse expertise

With extensive experience across various cargoes and cargo modes, Portico possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of distressed goods, making us a reliable partner for recovery solutions.

Proven track record

Portico has successfully managed significant distressed projects, including the handling of palletized copy paper in handymax bulk vessels with collapsed stows, previously rejected by other ports. We’ve efficiently addressed other challenges posed by bricks, plywood, steel, and damaged fruit.

Advanced infrastructure

Equipped with four Gottwald mobile harbour cranes, each capable of lifting up to 125 tonnes individually or 250 tonnes in tandem, our cargo terminal ensures efficient operations. A container park with a capacity for 1200 containers, including 450 reefer connections, enhances our capabilities.

Responsive and friendly team

Our approachable team offer a superior level of customer service that other terminals cannot match.

Choose Portico as your trusted partner for distressed cargo recovery – where expertise meets efficiency in a world of challenging shipments. Contact us today using the form below.

Industry collaboration

Recognising that distressed cargoes are an inherent aspect of international shipping, we aim to cultivate lasting relationships with owners, consignees, underwriters, claims teams, and loss adjusters. Our goal is to collaboratively develop the most cost-effective recovery strategies for all stakeholders.

Comprehensive services

Beyond distressed cargo handling, Portico offers comprehensive services, including freight forwarding, customs expertise, and access to a vast network of potential buyers for salvaged cargoes. We have our own fleet of vehicles to get your cargo where it needs to go, and cold storage facilities available.

Strategic location

Situated adjacent to Portsmouth International Port, our terminal provides ro-ro opportunities for onward shipment to multiple European ports. Efficient road connections ensure swift UK distribution. As part of the Solent Freeport, Portico boasts a customs zone on-site.

Versatile quays and warehousing

Portico features two conventional quays accommodating vessels up to 236m LOA with a 9.0m draft. Our warehousing options include brand new facilities, temperature-controlled spaces, and open yard laydown areas for non-weather-affected cargoes.

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